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DETAIL TRADING is a private company that was established more than 5 years with the aim of making easy the services of designing, consulting manufacturing & construction DETAIL TRADING , has diversifed, grown and introduced new technologies, innovations and techniques, but the success over the years also reects ower total commitment to the client. This has been achieved by a highly trained, dedicated team.



DETAIL TRADING PLC offers the full scope of architectural services including exterior, interior and consulting

DETAIL TRADING PLC, through years of vast experience dealing with project management and contract administration issues in different construction projects, has specialized in the construction of Office, Shop, and residential buildings.

DETAIL TRADING , has diversifed, grown and introduced new technologies with unique touch in material skilled labor and customer satisfaction

Furniture is one of the most visible and impactful components of your space. Our expert teams work hard to understand your needs and help and you the right products to meet the demands of your business

Our Stance

We want to change the way you live.
We improve the way you experience the built environment.
We integrate experts from all industries to develop integrated solutions.
We design build and manufacture.


Not only qualified, competent and endorsed to design, ratify and facilitate any building scale and typology in the built environment, RAS Architects has generous experience and excellent comprehension for a wide range of building typologies including. -Retail (Shopping Centers; Retail Stores; Restaurants; Showrooms); -Commercial (Multilevel Office Buildings; Office Parks; Storage Facilities); -Industrial (Storage Facilities, Warehousing & Ancillaries) -Residential (Apartment Buildings; Single Dwellings; High-End Luxury Homes); -Restoration & Alterations

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